Roberto Collini

Construction: violins - violas - cellos 

Roberto Collini has been dedicating himself playing violin since he was a child. In 1979, he began attending the International Violinmaking School of Cremona getting the highest score in his final exams in 1982. Overthere, he studied with Master Giorgio Scolari, completing his apprenticeship in his Master's workshop. Actually, he is working in Crema (Cremona) since 1983; for several years he has continued completing his professional training by an artistic point of view - as well as getting a greater knowledge of classical instruments thanks to two of the most famous italian violinmakers, like Arnaldo Morano and GioBatta Morassi. In the same period of time, he got his bowmaker diploma, in 1986, under Master Giovanni Lucchi guidance. Very famous musicians are playing his instruments, like M. Antonello Farulli, Marco Fornaciari, Emanuele Rossi, Graziano Beluffi, Daniele Gay, Andrea Leporati and several musicians of The Scala Theatre, The Tuscany Orchestra, The Fenice Theatre, The Verona Arena and The SanRemo Orchestra. In 1996, he gave a quartet made for Turin Bow Quartet. He has been officially recognized in many violinmaking competitions: 1984 - Gold medal at the Bagnacavallo Competition 'Young Violinmaker's Competition' for his violin; 1985 - Eighth position at the Cremona International Triennale, for his viola; 1987 - Prize for the best violin sound at the Contemporary Violinmaker's Exhibition; 1988 - Silver medal for his violin, silver medal for his viola, fifth position for his cello at the Fifth Cremona International Triennale; 1988 - Gold medal for his violin at the Thirteenth Bagnacavallo Violinmaking Competition; 1989 - Bronze medal for his viola at the Baveno Competition; 1990 - First prize for his violin at the Fourteenth Bagnacavallo Two-yearly Competition; 1991 - Silver medal for his viola at the Baveno Competition; 1992 - Gold medal for his viola at the Bagnacavallo Competition; 1993 - Bronze medal for his viola at the International Competition in Mittenwald (Germany); 1993 - Stauffer prize at the Baveno Competition; 1995 - Gold medal for his viola at the Baveno Competition; 1996 - Merit Certificate for his violin's tone at the twelfth International Competition "Violin Society of America", in Albuquerque (New Mexico); 1997 - Gold medal for his violin, gold medal for his cello at the Baveno Competition; top prize - BAVENO- and gold medal at the Baveno Competition. 

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